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Transfer To Our Hosting Plans

NOTE: Do not change your nameservers or cancel your old account at your previous service provider yet!
  • First establish a web hosting account with us. Start by ordering any of our web hosting plans. After your payment is verfied you will get your setup email. In there will be all your usernames / passwords that grant you access to the server and account management.
  • You will be able to access your new account using the server's hostname or IP address provided in your setup email. Upload your website through FTP or any other site publishing software (FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.)
  • In your welcome email, you will get a temporary link to access your new web site before anything goes live. You can view your site to make sure its working properly (graphics, web pages, links, etc...) by pointing your browser to the url provided in your setup email that contains your server ip and username. (for example: where is replaced with the ip of your server).
  • In your setup email there will be a pair of DNS (Domain Name Servers) . Update your domain at your registrar (where you bought your domain) to use those Name Servers. If registrar doesn't provide an interface to accomplish this please email your registrar or call them and tell them to change your name servers to those provided to you the setup email from us.
  • It will take 12-48 hours for dns updates to propagate throughout the world. Once your site is uploaded to our servers you should update your dns (domain name servers) to the ones we provide you in the setup email listed here.
  • If after 48 hours you can not access your domain on our servers please do a whois query on your domain to ensure your name servers are set to those provided in the welcome email. If they have not been updated yet please contact your registar to get it corrected.
  • Once your domain has propagated to our network you can begin using your own domain name to access your website. You can now close your hosting account at your previous provider if you switched to us from another provider.
Now with your site safely served on our network you can transfer your domain name registration to us as well.
  • Please ensure the admin contact email address is active because an email will be sent to this address to approve the transfer. You can check this contact info by doing a WHOIS query. If the query lists an incorrect email address, please go to where you registered the domain and update it before starting the transfer process.
  • Send an email to our support email account to inform us that you are ready to transfer your domain and we will contact you for the necessary details.
  • When you transfer your domain to us we will automatically add one year to the current expiration date, so you don't lose any time for which you've already paid.
  • Once you have processed the transfer watch for an approval email from both the losing registrar and us (the gaining registrar). After approving both wait approximately 24-48 hours for whole process to be completed. If transfer fails please contact your registrar to make sure the domain is not locked

Please click here to see a step by step guide to the domain transfer process


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